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Formal Awards

Although everyone contributes to the NMSU mission, there are individuals that have gone above and beyond to support the institution and the community. In order to recognize these extraordinary contributions, there are formal awards the campus community can choose from to nominate employees. Award recipients are selected by committees from a pool of nominations in the categories of faculty and exempt and non-exempt staff. 

Are you interested in setting up an award for your department, college, or divisions? The ARA program is a resource for all interested in developing their own programs to complement the system-wide awards. 

Ralph B. Crouch Memorial Award


Friends and family of the late Dr. Ralph B. Crouch have established an endowment providing for an award to honor a living, current or former employee of NMSU for outstanding contributions to the life of the university community. The recognition includes a cash award, and eligibility alternates annually between non-exempt staff and faculty/exempt staff. The award is given out during the spring semester.

Criteria : Nominees must be a current, or living, former employee of New Mexico State University. Depending on the award cycle, the selection will be limited to non-exempt staff or faculty and exempt staff.  

Consideration will be based solely on the person’s outstanding contribution(s). These contributions may include any activities WITHIN THE UNIVERSITY and can range from one event to a lifetime career. Outstanding contributions are considered those action(s) or activities  beyond  the normal day-to-day responsibilities of the person’s job. These activities can be, but are not limited to, committee work, participation in special university projects, sponsoring student groups, activities in professional organizations, etc.  

Guidelines: Send nomination forms, with no more than five (5) pages of supporting information and no more than three (3) letters of reference to the Center for Learning and Professional Development no later than the date indicated on the form.  



Call for nominations for Non-exempt hourly employees is currently closed.




Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts Memorial Staff Award





Gena Barela
2021 Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts
Memorial Staff Award Recipient

Established in 1983, an annual cash award is provided from the Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts Memorial Endowment fund in recognition of dedicated, outstanding service to the university. The Employee Council selects the award recipient during the fall semester, and the award eligibility alternates annually from exempt to non-exempt staff. 

Visit the Awards tab on the NMSU Employee Council website to learn more about the award, selection criteria, and nomination timeline. 


Call for nominations is currently open through October 13, 2023.

A’ Mountain Staff Award




Spring 2023: Dr. Marissa Fowler
Associate Director for the Center forAcademic Advising and Student Support

The NMSU Employee Council invites nominations of exemplary NMSU employees who represent the NMSU Core Values of leadership, excellence, access, diversity & inclusion, and student-centered.

  • Leadership: Promoting and creating the ability for Aggies to shape the future
  • Excellence: Providing the highest level of education, research, outreach, and service
  • Access: Welcoming diverse populations to higher education and to the NMSU community
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Embracing our differences as an asset and actively seeking to include wide-ranging perspectives
  • Student-Centered: Supporting the education of our students through every aspect of our university, every day
These values are encapsulated as: BE BOLD. Shape the future.

The award is presented at the Founder’s Day Picnic (Spring) and the Employee Appreciation Picnic (Fall).

To learn more about the A-Mountain award visit the awards tab on the Employee Council Website.